“I have been in Consulting for 25 years and have met, been approached by, and employed many recruiters and recruiting firms. My Tekchix recruiter was simply the best I have come across. She was extremely knowledgeable about the position, the employer, and the interviewers involved. She prepped me for each interview well and did so with both professional acumen and a personal touch.”

-Emile H.

“Ava and I had several conversations about the kind of roles I was best suited for, my work history, and established a great rapport; she quickly identified a great opportunity for me at a company with phenomenally better work culture and work/life balance. She worked with me on setting up all of the necessary discussions, interviews, and salary negotiations one would expect — eventually culminating in a most agreeable offer being made by the company in question. What impressed me most, however, was Ava’s extreme and unfailing attentiveness to my needs as a client and the very genuine manner in which she interacted with me; I never felt like I was just a commission to be made or a head to be hunted.”

– Josh B.

“Norma Jean and the TekChix team are dedicated to building lasting relationships. They take the time to meet with you so that they can better understand your strengths and aspirations. This approach leads to better alignment of people in roles that are challenging and rewarding. I appreciate the dedication of the team at TekChix. I have been placed on an assignment with a great work environment at Tulane. I would highly recommend working with the TekChix team to any professional with a passion for IT work.”

-Gerard M.

“Ava and her team at TekChix are amazing. They are fully engaged in all aspects at all times. They are truly involved and concerned with all clients personally and professionally. They make you feel welcomed and at ease from the first conversation. Ava and Norma Jean add such an extraordinary personal touch creating a very comfortable atmosphere. They are excellent at what they do and have a very strong network of professional clients seeking the most skilled and talented in the industry. I really cannot say enough. You need to reach out and introduce yourself and see how they can assist in taking your career to the next level.”

– Patrick F.

“TekChix goes to great lengths to make sure their clients are cared for. Through every step of the process I felt like I was more than just a number.”

-Darrien R.

“My recruiter at TekChix was the absolutely most pleasurable person I have ever, EVER, dealt with throughout a hiring process. She not only my advocate, but she was also my cheerleader and sounding board for all of my concerns. She communicates everything throughout the job hunt/hiring process.” Thank you again Ava, you are the best.”

– Thad G.