Recruitment Services

At TekChix, we focus on recruiting the best IT professionals in the industry. We have the background in IT that is truly needed to understand this dynamic field. On top of that, we know that getting the right person for the job isn’t just checking a box on the skills needed. It’s placing real people into companies that align with their values and drivers.

We start the recruitment process by getting to know your company and your team. This helps us to better understand what candidate would be a good culture-fit, so your new hire feels like the missing piece your team always needed. Then we work with our candidates to get a complete picture of their skills set, culture preferences and career goals. The magic happens when our candidates’ goals match with your company’s mission. It’s why we have a 95% success rate with our placements!

Direct Hire Placement

Adding a permanent member to your team is a significant commitment, and it requires a staffing company that will take your team’s unique culture and needs into account. Our 9 step screening process ensures that we present you with a tailored, select list of the top notch candidates who don’t just have the necessary skills, but whose values and preferences will maximize the likelihood that this candidate will stay with your team long-term.

Contract To Hire

When your company has an immediate need for a role, contract-to-hire employees can be a better fit. Instead of starting by going through a lengthy onboarding process, contract-to-hire allows your team flexibility to get necessary tasks completed before the official hiring process begins.

A contract-to-hire employee will remain on the TekChix staff, working for you on a contract basis, and can be converted to a full-time employee when the timing is better for your business.

Contract Staff Resources

We know that with constantly changing technology, many companies need a specialized tech role filled to complete a project. But when that project is done, it doesn’t always mean there is a full-time position available. Because churn and burn staffing is the complete opposite of what we stand for at TekChix, we offer companies in this position the option of utilizing contract staff resources. This allows you to bring in the skills you need without the expectation of hiring a new team member.

Just like our recruitment services, we make sure that the new contracted member of your team is going to be a good fit, not only in the skills they bring to your company, but in personality and ability to work with the rest of your team. We want to make sure that you’re not only getting the job done, but everyone is on the same page and can work together effectively for the duration of the project.

Want to learn more about our recruitment services? Contact us today to learn more about your hiring options and how we can help you.