Employer Consulting

Our staff knows the IT industry from the inside out. We’ve worked in IT positions and managed teams for other companies. Just as new tools come available in the tech industry to get the job done more effectively, innovative personnel acquisition, training, and management strategies are always coming to light, and we’re here to bring that expertise to your business.

LinkedIn Consulting for Businesses

Your staff’s LinkedIn profiles are a reflection of your company. When they have a profile that falls flat or is unprofessional, it reflects negatively on your business. Everything from their headshot to their personal bio can speak to your potential clients.

We help your employees shine on LinkedIn to make the best impression of themselves and the company they represent. We cover LinkedIn content strategy, digital networking, and how to utilize the latest features on the platform for their specific roles and your company’s unique needs.

Effective Interviewing and Hiring

When we get to know new companies in our network, we often find that employee retention problems can be traced back to the interview and hiring process. Making sure you have the right team members from the start can be the difference between success with a productive, happy team and a stressful culture that lacks synergy and efficiency.

The hiring process, for IT roles in particular, isn’t cut and dry. You need to strike a balance of ensuring your candidate has the right technical skills as well as soft skills to mesh with your team and important stakeholders. With our background in IT and staffing, we can coach your managers to make sure your candidate search and interview process is holistic and thorough, taking all important variables into account for the ideal, well-rounded candidate.

Employee Performance Management

When you’ve got an awesome IT team in place, you know just how incredible they can be for your business. Keeping IT talent with your company, and not your competition, requires ongoing effort. We help your managers work with your employees to effectively maintain your IT talent.

Our employer consulting is offered as a workshop series for your team, or in one-on-one coaching. Contact us today to get started!