Candidate Consulting

With over thirty years of experience in the technology industry, we know just how competitive a tech-focused job hunt can be. Getting your dream job in the tech industry may seem impossible, but we know it’s all about preparation, presentation, and finding a company that will be the right fit for you.

We offer candidate consulting because we know how challenging it can be to show off your skills and personality in this highly competitive field. Our team knows the hiring process inside and out and can help you shine up your resume and social media, find the companies that will help you achieve your goals, and nail the interview to secure your dream job.

LinkedIn Consulting for Candidates

LinkedIn is a powerful tool in the job hunt that must be used to its full capacity these days in order to stay competitive with other job seekers. Applying for jobs on LinkedIn is easy, but before you do, do you know if your profile is showing off your skills as effectively as possible?

Our LinkedIn consulting helps you create the best possible profile to get the job you want. We cover every aspect of the profile, as well as the lesser known uses of LinkedIn that will give you a leg up on others in the field.

Resume Assistance

Resumes are still a big deal in the modern job search. Your resume can make or break your chances of getting that first interview! It needs to be a reflection of you, your skills, experience, and aspirations in your field. Our goal isn’t to help you churn out a resume that looks the same as all of your peers, but to make sure it reflects your experience and fits the job you’re trying to get.

Job Search Counseling

Placing people in IT positions is what we do best, so we’re pretty well-versed in the hiring process. We offer our insight to help you get a clear picture of the job market in your desired location, teach you the science behind landing job offers, and help you get the role you actually want (not just the job you see posted generic job boards).

Career Coaching

Every company in every industry needs an IT expert on their side. The technology industry continues to grow at an astounding rate, creating new positions today that were unheard of a few years ago.

With our 30 years of experience in IT, we know what skills are needed for different tech roles. We also know the Gulf Coast and DMV markets in particular. Our career coaching helps you figure out what kind of positions you should be looking for, what your market value is, and what companies are the right fit for the kind of culture you’re looking for.

We’ll go over your background experience and create a plan for getting you where you want to be in your career.

Our candidate consulting services are offered as group classes, as well as one-on-one consulting. Contact us today to get on the path towards the career you always wanted!